There are many options for fundraising events; morning tea, barbeque, physical activity, and much more.

Running a fundraising event or taking part in an organised activity is a great way to involve your friends, family, community or workplace. These activities or events can be fun and great for your health and overall wellbeing, whilst supporting the great cause of providing a veteran with A Roof In Return!

You can fundraise on your own, in a group, at school or work. We are here to support you supporting us, so Register today.

Before you start, please make sure you have completed the application form to receive an Authority to Fundraise.

An Authority to Fundraise is the official documentation from A Roof In Return citing that your activity or event is a legitimate fundraiser for our organisation. It also allows us to ensure that you are provided with the relevant confirmation and receipts for any funds received by A Roof In Return for your activity.

Please ensure you have the necessary permits and permissions relevant to your state before holding your fundraiser. For example, a public barbeque could require a Food Handling Certification. Events held in public places may also require local council or government permission.

We would love to share information and photos about your fundraising activity on our social media sites. However, please ensure that anyone captured agrees for their image to be shared on A Roof In Returns social media pages.

Good luck fundraising and have a great time knowing that you are providing such needed support to Australian military veterans.

Help us to put a roof over a veteran’s head.

By donating to A Roof In Return you can help us make a measurable difference to the welfare of Australian veterans.

By donating to our charity you are directly helping us provide safe and secure housing options to veterans through Tenancy Facilitation, Bond Loan, Tenancy Guarantee, Rental Assistance, Interim Accommodation and Overnight Accommodation services.

Together, we can make a measurable difference to lives Australian veterans in need of housing assistance.

Charity donations of $2 or more to A Roof In Return may be tax-deductible in Australia.

Cheques can be made out to:

“A Roof In Return Ltd.” and mailed to PO Box 134, Berridale NSW 2628.

Looking to make a difference? Start here: