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Business and industry are at the heart of our sustainable solutions and our corporate partner’s contribution drives measurable social impact in our ability to provide a housing solution for the 1 in 20 homeless veterans living in Australia.

Our sincerest thanks to our corporate partners and sponsors for what they do for the veteran community.

A Roof In Return’s housing assistance service enables these members of society to secure short to medium term housing when in need. Veterans deserve a dignified existence, but too often they end up on the streets or in unstable housing situations.

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Help us to put a roof over a veteran’s head.

By donating to A Roof In Return you can help us make a measurable difference to the welfare of Australian veterans.

By donating to our charity you are directly helping us provide safe and secure housing options to veterans through Tenancy Facilitation, Bond Loan, Tenancy Guarantee, Rental Assistance, Interim Accommodation and Overnight Accommodation services.

Together, we can make a measurable difference to lives Australian veterans in need of housing assistance.

Charity donations of $2 or more to A Roof In Return may be tax-deductible in Australia.

Cheques can be made out to:

“A Roof In Return Ltd.” and mailed to PO Box 134, Berridale NSW 2628.

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